Thursday, February 10, 2011

Goodnight blogspot!

Ah, today was a good day for the new blog. I think I'm finally starting to figure out how to blog right, my page isn't all caps anymore, people are actually reading my stuff, its a good feeling and I owe it all to my followers, couldn't do it without you! I'm planning on releasing an MMA related website in the near future so I hope people will be interested and I can get that up and running.

But for now I shall stick to this random little blog in my little corner of the internet.

 Tonight I will leave you with this little gem...

Most of you have probably seen this, but many of you may not have seen the "Winnebago Man" documentary. In the beginning it feels as though Rebney is being exploited, he seems to have been forced into meeting the film maker and you feel like no good will come out of this movie. It almost seems as if it would turn into the Jack Rebney RV videoshoot all over again (the director even states this in the movie) in the end though, we see something different, and I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who had laughed at this clip in the past, it will give you some real insight into the man who is...Jack Rebney

Goodnight followers of the fourth dimension! Happy blogging!


  1. I like your blog, I'll be following :)

  2. Goodnight sir! good posts glad you're getting everything down.

  3. This video increased my vocabulary for insults great.

  4. ive just followed your recommendation and watched the movie (my local videothek got it). maaan, so much thanks for this tip. need to buy it and make my friends a present :)

  5. well there must be subliminary messages cos suddently I want a caravan!