Monday, February 7, 2011

Finally set up!

So after a few days of putting it off, I now finally have my blog set up, now time to find some followers...
New blogspot, new computer, new TV. I guess now its time to take over the world.

I'm going to start my first real blog in the coming days, right now I'm simply working through the kinks and trying to think of content to publish over the interwebs.

Lets start off with something paranormal/4th dimension like.

With all these paranormal shows on TV now the topic of spirits and ghosts seems to be more popular then ever. With many people already having an opinion on whether or not they are in real or not. Our society says people who believe in spirits/ghosts are crazy, which is why most people are so quick to dismiss the idea of their existence. These people will often use the "you're crazy" excuse, rather then thinking of a reasonable argument as to why they believe they don't exist(which could cause them to change their mind) At the same time our society which brushes certain spiritualism off has many superstitions and religions, which punishments are based on paranormal forces (e.g. western karma believes that do good things, and good things will come and vice-versa.) they are basically admitting to a higher power, but will not admit to the fact of walking souls on earth.. In other societies, on the other hand, spiritualism is a huge part of their culture and the basis of their morals. (e.g. don't do bad things or bad spirits will come). The fact that so many societies follow a similar spiritualism outside of god might say something about our lack of comprehension, while it could also just be a scare tactic passed through history to create solid morals.  Could a lack of spiritualism cause us to turn a blind eye to paranormal forces that would be otherwise obvious?

With that being said I don't thing spirits existing are a sure thing either.

  The arguments for and against such "paranormal activities" are almost pointless, as spirits are something we can not detect with our senses but simply feel. The argument you normally hear in favor of such spirits is that "unexplained things happen alot around me", and the arguer is simply looking for some explanation. Skeptics will say something like "there is no proof that they do exist, therefore they do not". Both arguments are based entirely on opinion and are therefore not real arguments. I have never personally seen a ghost, so I cannot confirm whether they exist or not, but I do agree our society is to dismissive on the subject.

So with that needlessly long post I'm going to stop myself for your sake and mind. My question is...
Do you believe that spirits or paranormal forces (outside of religion) might exist?


  1. Karma like on my name is Earl??

    Ghosts like on ghost whisperer?

    If I die first I am going to come back and haunt you :)

  2. I believe in karma in a way, good post for sure. Not so much ghosts.

  3. I don't really believe in ghost though I can't say for sure since I haven't had an actual experience with them yet that doesn't mean they don't exist......its like faith, either you do or you don't yet I believe that science will one day answer our questions....

  4. I don't have an opinion either way, but I believe in the possibility of the paranormal. I think if it happens to me I would start to believe for sure.