Sunday, February 13, 2011

Early Goodnight Blogspot!

Well, tonight I'm posting my signoff a little early. Today I spent most of my day just lazing around the house and removing a virus from my computer I got last night while watching a video stream. It wasn't to hard to find out how to get rid of it, it seemed like a lot of people had it in the past. I'm sorry for the lack of content lately I've been having writers cramp in the idea's department.

Tonight, I'll leave you with an easy brain teaser;

A square medieval castle on a square island is under siege. All around the castle there is a square moat 10 meters wide. Due to a regrettable miscalculation the raiders have brought footbridges, which are only 9.5 meters long. The invaders cannot abandon their campaign and return empty-handed.
How can the assailants resolve their predicament?
(note. you cannot tie/attach 2 footbridges together in any way, and you do not want to fall into the moat)

Hope you enjoy this one! Post your answers! I'll see you all tomorrow and happy blogging!


  1. Well, the raiders are taller than only 0.5meters, so they can pass through no problem.

  2. I'm guessing... have one of your own men hold the ladder above his head haha?

  3. can you divide by 0??
    oh noooooooeeee-

  4. you don't! you starve the castle until they die from hunger. i'm sure there is geometry involved with this riddle

  5. DX... idk... post the answer...

  6. If the distance in the corner of the moat to the castle is 10 meters, the distance from moat to castle is smaller, so they won't have to have a ladder that's 10 meters.

  7. You can put one foot-bridge over one corner (thus a triangle is created). Then from the middle of this foot-bridge lay another foot-bridge to the edge (corner) of the castle. You can make a few easy equations confirming that this is enough.

  8. Perhaps they could build catapults out of the footbridge.
    Thus they can just throw the people in the castle.
    Let the madness begin!