Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hey bloggers.

Damn I've been inactive this week

Sorry I haven't been posting much guys, its been a hectic couple days, but I'm back now to tell you all about the wonders and joys of a Volcano Vaporizer (if you smoke weed.)

A vaporizer, in case you don't know, makes your hits much smoother and healthier. Instead of burning the plant material it simply vaporizes the THC in the weed. This means less smoke is coming out, but it is much purer, so you get just as high if not much higher.

If you've never seen a vaporizer before, you're probably wondering how you smoke out of it. Well its actuallly pretty simple. First you turn the volcano on and set your temperature, the new Volcano's have a digital temperature reading to let you know what the temperature actually is. There is a bowl at the top which you unscrew and put your herb in. You then screw the lid back on and the top has a small opening. There is a bag that is fitted over the opening. Once you have your herb and bag in place, its time to turn the fan on. The fan then blows the very hot air into the bowl and it vaporizes. The vapor rises into the bag and fills it up, leaving you with nearly pure THC.

Inhale and enjoy!

If you haven't tried one I would definitely recommend one, wikipedia explains it as such;
The Volcano Vaporizer has a conical heater base with controls for manipulating the airflow and temperature. It is manufactured by Storz & Bickel, a company based in Tuttlingen, Germany.
The air collection system consists of a heatproof bag, a set of valves to control dispersal, and a chamber in which the material is heated. The cannabis or essential oil is heated by a variable temperature, pressurized hot air convection stream, and the resultant vapors are collected in the heatproof bag. Once the bag has inflated, the user removes it from the heater base and inhales or otherwise disperses the vapors using a set of valves.

If you don't smoke weed, which some of you may not. I will leave you with this masterpiece.

I look forward to reading all your comments and blogs!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


So among all the excitement of creating my website, I forgot something key to my blog, the weekly awesome amazing crazy top 5 list of excitement. I was to do them weekly every Saturday, but on only the second week I failed you guys.

For that I am sorry.

Anyways, this week I'll do an easy one,  the top 5 internet videos ever. I remember some of these from when I was really young, and some of them are fairly new, but one thing makes them alike. They are all hilarious!

Honorable Mention: Justin Bieber get's riddled, and  I mean destroyed, by bullets on CSI. I officially love the writers of this show now, what more can be said?

5)Numa Numa guy- I will start the list with one of the oldest viral video's I can remember seeing. It featured a man in his mid 20's sporting a pair of headphones. The man was overweight and took up most of the screen, but when you heard the first line of his song you could not look away. The song, was the numa numa song. And the man, was the numa numa guy, and the encounter was equal to the first time chocolate met peanut butter.

The video was hilarious! Yet so simple anyone could do it. It was simply a man lip syncing a song, but somehow it could keep me watching numerous times. The best thing about the video is that you're laughing with the guy, not at him. You can see he's having a great time! So you feel a little better about watching it.

4) Evolution of Dance- Now, this one isn't as good for its comedy but it's still one of the best. It's simply a man going through all the dances he could think of all conjured up into one, megadance. The concept sounds easy enough but when the man in the video puts it all together it becomes art, and some of the parts bring back hilarious memories, hey the whole thing reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite to be honest. I heard something about the guy being a motivational speaker now or something, that's a great job for him, his only other real option would be back up dancer for some kind of band...I can't think of any band that has music like that. Nevermind.

Anyways here it is in all its artistic glory, the evolution of dance.

3) David After Dentist- This video had me laughing so hard when I first saw it. It's simply a kid who's very, very...VERY high after leaving the dentist. The kid seems to be in some kind of half real half fake world and can't seem to keep focused on anything.

This video spawned such great quotes as "is this real life" "is this gonna be forever?" and the very memorable and rage fueled "AAAHHHHH". David is like that kid high on LSD in the corner of the room playing with the plant who everyone just walks by and laughs at.  I hope David does not end up down that path.

2) Star Wars Kid (and all its spinoffs)-  Now, the story of the Star Wars kid is quite a tragic one, but that is not what this blog is about, if you want details look em up on google :), anyways the Star Wars kid was a video that some high school students found in one of their High Schools video recorders. The students popped the tape in and saw a student (whom they considered nerdy) flailing around a broomstick like it was a lightsaber. They then distributed it to other students and eventually it hit the internet.

Now the video itself was funny, but not nearly as funny as the many spinoffs, I'm going to post the original here but it's not hard to find many of the spinoffs that are out there.

1) Winnebago Man- Ah, Jack Rebney. A man who I have laughed at, a man who I have learned from, a man who has given me comfort and, an RV salesman. I can't remember the first time I saw the Winnebago man video, it has been that long, but even now when I watch it years later it still brings me comfort. No matter how mad I am I know that I can at least tell this guy to calm down.

The man has taught me alot without knowing it. Jack has taught me swearwords and sentences that I never would have though of before. "Can you do me your kindness?" is now something I say out of habit when I'm yelling at someone. Jack also taught me to let it all out sometimes. You can't always be the calm cool and collected person everyone expects you to be, sometimes you need to swear! Sometimes you need to swat angrily around at flies! These are basic things.

The reason this video is my number one is not only because of the video itself but also the documentary it spawned (under the same name "Winnebago Man") The documentary looks to track down Jack Rebney, and has a lot of trouble in the beginning, but after a few months they finally find a way to contact them. Anyways they find Rebney as a recluse (it is assumed he was lead there after he found out about the video) who was pretty ignorant of the world around him.

Rebney seemed to think everyone who watched the video was laughing at him, instead of being angry with him. We felt his suffering! We've all had bad days, we felt his angst, but he didn't see it that way. Jack chose to ignore the world around him except for a select few.

After months of contact the director and crew finally convince Jack to attend a Q&A at a found footage festival. Jack comes in skeptical almost looking embarrassed when he hears the laughter of the audience. When his name is announced though, things all change. The room stands in applause as Jack makes his way to the front of the room and we are treated to an amazing story of human understanding, and in some ways forgiveness.

Anyways, heres the video that started it all!

Once again I'm sorry for my inactivity. I promise I will get the blog back up at full capacity within the week!

Thanks to all who are still reading!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


So the past couple days I've been a very inactive panda, not writing my usual amount of blogs, for that I apologize. As many of my followers may know I am starting a website within the next couple weeks and I've been hard at work on that.

So today I'm going to be pretty inactive as well, I'll be sure to check out all the comments you guys left but as for an in depth and original blog, today I have none.

So I'll leave you with this. Happy blogging!


Friday, February 18, 2011

Good afternoon blogspot.

I'm having a bit of writers block this morning, so I'll do an MMA related post, since I've been trying to set up my website all morning. I'm sorry I haven't been as active as usual, but once my sites up and running I'll be back on track.

Anyways, coming up in just over a week from Australia is a pretty interesting fight, its determines the next contender for Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre (unless the Anderson Silva superfight happens). The fight is between 2 all time greats BJ Penn and Jon Fitch. The two are polar opposites of each other. One is a very hard worker who trains very hard, but bores the fans with his dominating style. The other is a lazy former champion who could beat anyone on a good day. The one thing they have in common though, is within the last 2 years they have had their title shot against GSP, and both have failed miserably.

The difference though is that since the hard working Jon Fitch lost to GSP back in 2008, he has gone an undefeated 5-0, while BJ Penn, who lost to GSP in 2009, has gone 3-2 overall losing twice to the much smaller (yet much faster) Frankie Edgar.

I don't agree with this being a title contender due to the fact they have both gotten demolished by GSP, BJ Penn has only won one other fight at Welterweight (against Matt Hughes) and it wouldn't be fair to those who had worked their way up the division. Although Jon Fitch has beaten the top of the division (well, those he doesn't train with), does anyone think his fight with GSP will be any different?

Regardless this is a very interesting fight and I have no idea who's going to win. BJ Penn has the KO power and some of the best Jiu Jitsu in North America, but on the other hand Fitch has great gameplans and finds ways to stifle the opponents.

Although I don't agree with it being a title eliminator I'm looking forward to the fight. Blogger, who do you think will win the fight next Saturday?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good afternoon bloggers! Last night I wrote a quick bio on the Ratpack, the group of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin who often performed together. Like many of you may have, I got my first real taste of the big band jazz and some blues thrown in from Fallout 3, sure I'd heard some of it before but I didn't really listen to it consistently until I played that game.

I would listen to the music in Fallout 3 all the time while I was playing it, but when I wasn't I would stick to more modern stuff. Not until the release of Fallout New Vegas did I really get hooked on the big band music. The song featured 2 members of the rat pack (Dean Martin with "Somethings Gotta Give" and Frank Sinatra with his rendition of "Blue Moon"), the rat pack, coupled with the familiar blues of the Ink Spots, the game not only had me hooked but the music did as well.

Now back to the subject at hand. I will now give you a biography on the ratpack, enjoy!

Through my research I have learned a lot of things I didn't know before. The rat pack was actually a social drinking club started by Humphrey Bogart in the early 1950's. This club was known as the Holmbly Hills Rat Pack, and was centered around Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. The original group did not include Dean Martin or Sammy Davis Jr. at that time.

But tragedy struck in 1957, and Bogart seemingly succumb to his fame, and weighing only 80 pounds fell in to a coma and never awoke.

This left Frank Sinatra as the head of the rat pack. And he began to associate himself with new stars such as Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Joey Bishop, Peter Lawford and Shirley Maclaine. After the death of Bogart, people who were members of the rat pack no longer referred to it by that name, it was simply a name members of the public and media, would call the rat pack, and it was a name that stuck.

In 1959 the rat pack came to public prominence. That year was the first time a member appeared on another members album (Frank Sinatra conducted for Dean Martins album "sleep warm"), Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Shirley Maclaine starred in the film "Some Came Running", and it was the first year they appeared on stage together (Frank Sinatra appeared unnanounced at one of Dean Martin's shows at the sands)

After that historic night showing up unannounced at each others shows became a regular gig. This caused excitement and sold out shows nearly every night for the swingers. Some hotels would even write on their signs "Dean Martin- Maybe Frank- Maybe Sammy".Their constant shows created a country-wide buzz and gained them fame all around the United States.

After this, the rat pack released their greatest and most memorable project to date, Oceans 11. The rat pack filmed this movie during the day and then performed during the night, much to the delight of the sands, their new regular home. 

Dean Lawford, who was a prominent member of the rat pack, was also the brother-in-law of president John F. Kennedy. That relation led to the rat pack doing many media appearances supporting the democrats. The attention no doubt helped, and JFK was invited to a performance, which included a custom built helipad. But JFK's brother , Robert, advised him to sever all ties with Frank Sinatra, and Kennedy canceled his stay and stayed with Rat Pack rival Bing Crosby.

This infuriated Sinatra, and Frankie immediately blamed Lawford for it. Sinatra then wrote Lawford out of upcoming movie "4 for texas" and he was replaced by Bing Crosby himself in the movie "Robin and the 7 Hoods). This was the beginning of tensions within the rat pack, and Sinatra asserting himself into a leader type role.

Not long after the sands hotel was sold in 1967, the rat pack began to crumble. Frank Sinatra was cut off from his credit at the Sands, and this infuriated him. Frank reportedly threw furniture at the Casino manager Carl Cohen, who then proceeded to knock some of Sinatra's teeth out. In case it isn't obvious, Sinatra would no longer be performing at the sands, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis jr. remained at the Sands, and the ratpack all went their separate ways.

In 1987 they released Cannonball run 2, which was their first and last movie together since Robin and the 7 hoods.

Also in 1987 they returned to play a sold out show of 14,500 in a reunion tour. Tensions still seemed to be hot between the three, and each had acquired individual success and knew they would not have to rely on one another anymore. In their sold out show Martin threw a lit cigarette into the audience which caused uproar. Martin then left the tour saying he had "kidney problems" and Martin was replaced by Liza Minelli, and the tour still attained great success.

After the tour they did not appear publicly to often and all went their separate ways..

Although the rat pack is gone they will always be remembered through their amazing music, great movies and memorable lifestyle.

I hope you all learned something I know I learned a ton.

I will leave you with this video to remember the good times! One of the best videos I've found.