Thursday, February 10, 2011

Charlie Murphys True MMA Stories

Was browsing youtube today and came across this hilarious clip. If you've seen the Chappelle Show's "Rick James" clip, and watched the fight on Saturday night, you will find this hilarious.

It is said that these interviews were taken a few days after the event

If you didn't watch UFC 129 I'd recommend looking up a few fights, but the card as a whole didn't quite live up to the hype. For example Rich Franklin vs. Forrest Griffin was supposed to be fight of the night (or as Forrest said, fight of the year) but was a 6.5/10 at the very best. Miguel Torres, exciting former bantamweight champion, also put on a less then exciting show and although he got the victory, showed nothing which got him on to his path to greatness before.

On the other hand, Paul Kelly and Donald Cerrone put on an exciting scrap which won fight of the night honors. Cerrone started the fight coming out with a half-assed gesture to touch gloves, Kelly recognized this as a technique often used in boxing (pawing) to set the opponent up for strikes. This lead to a misunderstood rant from Joe Rogan, and the fighters ended up talking it over after the fight, where Cerrone was able to land a rear naked choke for the victory. Jon Jones also went on to steamroll Ryan Bader, defending every takedown and dominating him in grappling and striking on his way to a submission victory. After the fight Jones was awarded the submission of the night award as well as a title shot at UFC 128 against champion Mauricio "Shogun" Rua.

Although Jones' victory and title shot were quite exciting, the highlight of the night was Anderson Silva's front kick knockout, featured in the video above. Anderson was able to confuse Vitor on the feet and found an opening at 3:25 of round 1 to secure his spot as best Middleweight in history.


  1. Forrest griffin is the best but everyone loses to silva.

  2. Great post, but the entire time I'm reading, I'm hearing Rick James-Chapelle yell "CHARLIEMURFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!"

  3. seems everyone fall short of beating silva