Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back to my Roots.

Hey Blogspot!

So today I decided I would revert back to my roots and talk about paranormal/ fourth dimension type stuff, and todays topic is something I don't see come up very much, and that is the topic of aura's and how we link telepathically.

It all starts when you can feel that person across the room staring at you, you don't know what made you look up, just an uncomfortable feeling you can't put your finger on. You look up to find someone looking directly at you, not just a glance but a stare. You wonder how you felt this, why did you feel uncomfortable when you had no way of knowing that the person across the table from you was staring, it just is.

I believe the reason this happens is what is known as "aura's". In this particular circumstance it refers to your emotions being projected, without the use of the known senses. The person sitting across the table gave you no way of knowing he was staring, he didn't yell out to you, he didn't project a bad odor, he didn't poke you or make a funny taste, and he didn't make a large movement to attract your eyes, the simple action of him staring was enough to give you chlls.

I believe in aura's in the sense that we subconciously project a signal, almost like a radio wave. This radio wave in a way broadcasts our true intentions. (that means when you get a "bad feeling" about someone, it may be their subconscious signal being broadcast to you, and their values do not match up with yours).

Aura's would also explain claustrophobic people or people who don't like their personal space invaded. Their aura projects itself in a way where it doesn't want to be interfered with. When another person's aura interferes it causes them to stress and panic, as they start getting mixed signals in their subconscious.

Whether you believe in aura's in the sense that I explained them ,or whether you don't, there is one thing that's for sure (to me at least). There is some force greater then ourselves out there, a force that connects us all.

Anyways I thought I'd leave the fourth dimension with a strange blog to end off today. I didn't get a chance to revamp my blog tonight (damn social life getting in the way of my blogging), but look for the update sometime tomorrow! I hope to be more active in the future, but I am unable to blog much at my work so time is a little tight lately.

I can't wait to read more of what you all have to say tomorrow.
Happy Blogging!


  1. Once I was at a therapy seminar in some city (I can't remember), and I kid you not, I saw a woman being healed faintly glowing. It may or may not be related to this but man it was cool.

  2. Hmmm. This really caught my attention. If I might recommend, you might want to look into some of the more recent human pheromone studies. Some research has suggested that humans retain an "aura" of chemical pheromones around their body. Maybe this is a link between science and the paranormal?

  3. That was great to read!

    keep up the good work.

  4. hm.. aura is a realy interesting topic...

  5. Interesting read... Sure, it would answer some questions if humans all had an aura they projected, but I think it would bring up a dozen more.

  6. really interesting, i like this concept. i seem to almost instinctively get a bad vibe from certain people, perhaps that is related to auras. either that or i'm just really judgemental haha.

  7. Despite very interessing issue, i think i don't belive in that. lol

  8. I like the idea of having an aura, and I think in some sense it's true. Keep up the good posts, gets you thinking

  9. I believe it, I can usually feel if someone is staring at me, or is right behind me, and its not from being able to see it or anything like that, so what else could it be? This makes sense to me anyway.