Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hey bloggers.

Damn I've been inactive this week

Sorry I haven't been posting much guys, its been a hectic couple days, but I'm back now to tell you all about the wonders and joys of a Volcano Vaporizer (if you smoke weed.)

A vaporizer, in case you don't know, makes your hits much smoother and healthier. Instead of burning the plant material it simply vaporizes the THC in the weed. This means less smoke is coming out, but it is much purer, so you get just as high if not much higher.

If you've never seen a vaporizer before, you're probably wondering how you smoke out of it. Well its actuallly pretty simple. First you turn the volcano on and set your temperature, the new Volcano's have a digital temperature reading to let you know what the temperature actually is. There is a bowl at the top which you unscrew and put your herb in. You then screw the lid back on and the top has a small opening. There is a bag that is fitted over the opening. Once you have your herb and bag in place, its time to turn the fan on. The fan then blows the very hot air into the bowl and it vaporizes. The vapor rises into the bag and fills it up, leaving you with nearly pure THC.

Inhale and enjoy!

If you haven't tried one I would definitely recommend one, wikipedia explains it as such;
The Volcano Vaporizer has a conical heater base with controls for manipulating the airflow and temperature. It is manufactured by Storz & Bickel, a company based in Tuttlingen, Germany.
The air collection system consists of a heatproof bag, a set of valves to control dispersal, and a chamber in which the material is heated. The cannabis or essential oil is heated by a variable temperature, pressurized hot air convection stream, and the resultant vapors are collected in the heatproof bag. Once the bag has inflated, the user removes it from the heater base and inhales or otherwise disperses the vapors using a set of valves.

If you don't smoke weed, which some of you may not. I will leave you with this masterpiece.

I look forward to reading all your comments and blogs!

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