Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good Morning Blogspot!

Well not quite good morning, but today I'm posting my blog a little later then I usually do. I worked all day and couldn't wait to get back to my Blogger! I came up with a new idea for a weekly blog, a top 5 list. I will review the top 5 best or worst of a given category, feel free to post suggestions for next weeks top 5 list!

Today I decided I would begin with an easy one. Given the fact that I spend much more time on the computer then watching the TV, I decided I would compile a list of my top 5 best TV shows on TV currently, as I don't have much of a range to choose from. I chose not to include any specials or the like, only weekly seasonal TV shows.

So without further adieu, I give to you the inaugural "Ramsay's Best/Worst Super Saturday List!" on the top 5 Television shows on TV right now. Enjoy!

Top 5 Television shows currently on the air.

5. Saturday Night Live
Saturday Night Live is now on its 36th season and year, and continues to produce quality sketches and stars! The show began because the producers felt that there was nothing that was groundbreakingly funny on TV, just old recycled comedy used for years. The producers embarked on a quest and assembled a cast of 9 actors, mainly from theatre groups such as second city, and began brainstorming ideas for sketches. They decided they would have a different host and musical act for every episode. The first season of SNL was basically that, an assortment of brainstormed sketches. This cause a mess, and they would usually be stuck writing scripts even after the show had already gone live. The show drew a small amount of buzz, and was enough to get them signed onto NBC for a second season. The second season is where the show really took off.

It became the "cool" thing to watch and many people began to adopt the SNL style of humor. The popularity of the show created such mega-stars through the years such as John Belushi (had a number one album in the blues brothers, a number one movie in animal house, and was featured on the number one show SNL all at the same time! No wonder he succumb to the stress), Adam Sandler, Mike Myers, Will Ferell, Chris Farley and many, many more. These mega stars gained their fame from the show, yet also ensured the long-term popularity of the show, as everyone is watching to see who the next big star is.

That popularity attained in the 70's has carried over to today. And I believe the current cast is one of the best in many years! You have the amazing creativity and originality of Andy Samberg and the lonely island, the great comedic timing of Kristen Wigg(my favorite current SNL player), the snarkyness of Seth Myers and the comedic experience with Kenan Thomson(I can't remember a time where he wasn't on my TV), Bill Hader and Fred Armison. This mix of unique characters gives SNL a great chemistry, and is producing some of their best material in recent memory!

4. Mantracker
This is a show some of you may not have heard of. It's a little gem that airs on the Outdoor Life Network here in Canada (I'm not sure if it airs in the states. It is a fairly new show focused around an experienced tracker and an accomplice who is familiar with the local land. The duo then set out to find two "escapees" who are unique on every episode. They are two friends who are chosen from entries. These escapees are known as "the prey".

The Prey begin in a location that is not disclosed to the man tracker, and the two teams are placed about a KM away from each other. A flare signifies the start and the prey must begin to search for their location(once again, undisclosed to mantracker). They must reach the location before mantracker is able to find them, or before their 48 hour timer runs out. I don't know what exactly the prize is but I hope its worth it for what these people go through.

This is where it gets interesting. Throughout the show you get to learn the personalities and characters of both the escapees, and mantracker and his random ally. It is a classic case of the hunter and the hunted, and the suspense that it creates is like no show I've currently seen. Watching the mantracker follow their movements while the prey unknowingly searches for their destination, watching the prey use tactics to outsmart and outmaneuver mantracker, seeing the intensity of the chase, they all make this show one of the best on television for me!

If I were you, and you haven't seen this show yet, I would certainly recommend you check it out!

3. History Channel's Reality Lineup
Recently history channel has begun to air these reality TV shows which are aimed at peoples careers, almost like a mans version of TLC. Anyways, their strategy worked and people are completely sucked into their shows, they have unique characters with unique professions and you can't wait to see what they're going to find next.

Pawn Stars- This is my favorite of the History Channel reality lineup. It is about 4 guys who work at a pawn shop in Las Vegas, and the stories of everything that is brought in. The people who work in the store are (usually) very knowledgeable and if not, they will call in an expert. It seems like their store is a haven for rare and unique items and people tend to go there to sell those items. The characters on the show and their antics (i.e. Clumsy Chumly, Grumpy old man, The dad who laughs at all his own jokes and the "rebellious son) mixed with the amazing items that are brought in every episode make this show thoroughly watchable and enjoyable.

American Pickers- American Pickers is a show about a tall skinny outgoing guy and a short, chubby almost awkward guy who go out to various houses looking for old stuff that they can resell. It seems their targets are horders and it's pretty neat to see what these people have collected over the years, and how much it is actually worth in current day. These guys will spend hours on property digging through stuff we would classify as "garbage" to find little gems that make them cash. It's an interesting profession that I had never heard of prior to the show. This show is another one you should check out if you haven't already.

Now I haven't checked out "Swamp People" yet but it seems like it would be a pretty interesting one as well, so I'll have to check that out soon.
2. Big Bang Theory
This show about a group of 4 nerdy friends who go awry when a hot girl moves in across the hall from them, and a hot girl who will pay attention to them. This creates for some hilarious and original situations and characters, such as;
Sheldon, this man has an IQ higher then yours or mine combined, and is not subtle about it either, he tends to correct everything people say and has smartass input for almost everything his friends have to say. His character is able to create a hilarious situation out of almost anything unintentionally. Sheldon is also very easy to convince, as he takes himself and everything else very seriously
Raj, this man is a Dr (not 100% sure of what) and has come to America from India. Raj seems to have trouble adapting to our society, and finds himself unable to talk to women (unless he is drinking). This also creates some funny situations, such as when a girl he doesn't know asks him a question. Raj also always seems to be able to get the most girls, making it hilariously ironic.
Wallowitz- Wallowitz is the jewish engineer who still lives with his mother, his friends make fun of him for not having a doctorate, but Wallowitz seems to be pretty confident with his work and has even contributed to NASA. Wallowitz can talk to women, but women seem unable to talk to him.
Leonard seems to be the normal one on the show, he eventually goes on to date Penny (before getting dumped a few days later) their friendship continues though making that ex-couple awkwardness on the show,
And finally, Penny, Penny is the hot girl who lives across the hall mentioned before. Pennys willingness to talk to them has them baffled. Penny often doesn't understand what the nerds are talking about and has little to add to their conversations, but a lot to add to the comedy. Penny brings to life how smart and nerdy these guys really are compared to a "normal" person.

This combination of characters create unique and hilarious situations, and I find myself learning something new every episode. I imagine you've seen this show before but if you haven't this is a must watch.
1. The Office
This show is an American rip off of the British version, or so I thought and has now become my favorite show on TV. When the show began they used the same situations. lines and nearly identical character names, which made for an uninspired show. When season 2 began airing though, this all changed, and the office began to to come to its own and began to incorporate their actors/actresses unique improv abilities to its fullest. Now on its 7th season the office is still going strong with an all star ensemble of Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson John Kracinski, Jenna Fischer, Ed Helms and Craig Robinson. Each of the actors/actresses listed have been in several high grossing movies and the popularity has skyrocketed!

Now, with Steve Carell leaving the show, it is unsure who will replace his role as branch manager. My bet would be on Craig Robinson (Daryl Philbin) filling the spot, but as of now this is unsure.

The characters are able to create, once again unique and hilariously awkward situations. Each actor/actress seems to have remarkable comedic timing and dedication to their role. I'm hoping the show will keep up its hilarity after the departure of Steve Carell, and I have high hopes that the all star cast will do just fine by themselves.

Well thats all I can write for now Bloggers! I hope you enjoyed this one took me a while to write!


  1. Don't watch 4 or 5 but then again I don't watch very much TV these days. I love BBT and Office though, as well as House which I'm surprised didn't make the list.

  2. The Office in the UK is brilliant, haven't seen the US version but it sounds like it's just as good. I'm liking the "Top 5" idea, keep up the good posts

  3. wow..thtz 1 lengthy post.
    I am a couchpotato too. Couple of shows I havent heard. Thank god you didnt include Glee and Kardhshians and biggestloser..
    wht abt 30 rock? I like My name is earl as well.
    And outsourced??
    TV shows review

  4. To me Portia would be perfect for Steve Carell's role. I loved her in "Better off Ted".

  5. Good suggestions for shows thinking cap, but I rarely watch house or 30 rock, but I'm sure they're both great shows just nothing that has convinced me to watch yet.

    I didn't include My Name is Earl because it's off the air now (unfortunately), but it would probably fall at #2 or 3 if it were still on. I find outsourced to be too forced, but it does have some interesting characters, I think it just needs time to develop and come to its own.

  6. Pawn stars is a guilty pleasure of mine. Always enjoy what weird and cool things people will bring into their store.

  7. I actually don't like history channels new shows, probably because I dislike reality shows. Other than that I completely agree with the rest of your picks, they are all winners! I especially love SNL.

  8. @Ramsay- Daryl?? Are they taking the show to UPN or wht? I am not watching the show then. He is just not funny.

  9. @thinkingcap- ya he's not my number one choice either, but it seems they have planted the seeds in earlier episodes (i.e. him moving from warehouse to the office) in order to make him the boss or at least a more prominent player, and who knows he may work out.

    If I could chose someone to run the office with the same zanyness as Michael Scott, I would chose Rainn (Dwight)

  10. for some reason, i don't think SNL is fun as it used to be

  11. How about worst 5 movies or top 5 male / female actors?

  12. I'm getting into Big Bang Theory. Don't think the office US is as good as the original tho.